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Application Security Assessments
Web application security is good business. Eyeronix web application security assessments offer the consistency of automated tools and reporting in addition to the benefits of manual testing to protect one of your most valuable IT assets.Custom and manual testing enables the eyeronix security analysts to perform a more comprehensive assessment of the overall vulnerabilities that exist within your applications.

Wireless Assessments
Wireless networks increase the overall attack footprint, and can pose significant threats if not deployed correctly. Contact us to assist with your future and/or current wireless deployments. We deploy a proven testing framework that includes everything from site assessments, signal testing, denial of service, and more.

Compliance, regulations and legal obligations are an increasing challenge for organizations. As data an security breaches become more severe and frequent every organization is suffering the additional pressures obtaining compliance while remaining secure. Eyeronix can help with compliance gap analysis and pre-audit assessments.

Consulting Services
Eyeronix only works with best of breed engineering and security professionals. Contact us to find out how our security consulting services can assist your organization.